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before the avenues are swallowed by the morning heat

and i will make it home

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hi, i'm sarah.
i'm a 16 year old plus malaysian who is currently in a stage of transition. i like to spend my time reading, and daydreaming, and writing on a small portable whiteboard with black marker pens. one day, i would like to have a disney marathon. when i get angry or stressful, i either listen to some music or clean the house or both, simultaneously. i am a left-hander. i wish i could appreciate art on a level more than 'oh, that's nice.' or 'i'm not too fond of it.'. i like walking around in shopping malls aimlessly. i'm envious of people who know what they want.
i'm still working on it.

you fall back into where you started
make up words to songs you use to know