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23 June 2008 @ 10:44 pm
leaving home for college tmrw. won't be updating till i get settled in, so consider this a hiatus

this feels rushed
13 May 2008 @ 05:30 pm
What vegetable or fruit do you relate to most?
okay first up? this made me giggle without reason. 

what vegetable or fruit do i relate to most? hmm probably a broccoli. because i look like a tree, and smell like a tree, but i am not a tree. i am what kids play with when their parents are discussing hella boring things (ie; business, politics, "what do you mean the price of rice has gone up again? what the hell, government?"). i am what make kids excited, miniature structures of other, real sized structure are pretty darn cool. and, i'm tasty. 

i'm pretty much the most awesome vegetable out there. 

or maybe i am a papaya. because i make people shit. that's just what i am,  i get under people's skins, but after a few days, i leave, but not without leaving a mark. muahaha i own your large intestines. 

don't psychoanalyze me, okay. :D
13 March 2008 @ 11:46 am
if possible, i woke up feeling more distressed today than i did yesterday. took my results at school yesterday and there was no time to celebrate because the jpa scholarship application closes on the 18th. i'll only be coming back from thailand on the 17th, which leaves me only today and the closing date to finish up the whole shebang. not to mention, i've not started packing and all that jazz. 

not that i think i have even a slight chance of the scholarship, considering that thousands upon thousands of people would also be applying. and chances of me getting it is what? less than 9 percent? anyway. it's worth a try, because if by some huge miracle switch, i'd be set for life. ugh. malaysian education system, you're putting too much stress on a sixteen year old!

10 March 2008 @ 04:59 pm
1. apologies, i wish i had a solid reason for not updating for the last two months (whaa? when did that happen?) but alas, i don't. 

2. i have been awake for approximately twelve hours. sat for abrsm theory of music grade six exam today and i woke up early to study german performance directions. i don't know why i even bothered, the question ended up being a simple italian term. oh wells, at least now i know what leidenshaft means. yay me! 

there was a twee eight (ish) year old who was in the same exam room as me. she had this ridiculously adorable (and thick) with rainbow coloured rims glasses, which reminded me of that character from little miss sunshine. hee :D it looked so awesome, and she was so sweet and cute and guhh. and her mother had to ask the invigilator to stack up two chairs for her to sit on because she was so tiny. :D:D

3. POWER TO THE PEOPLE; i stayed up till one a.m. watching election results, i would've stayed up longer if i weren't so bloody tired and sick. we passed the state parliamentary building yesterday, and there were people chilling out on mats carrying their respective party's flags. and there were men in uniform, guarding the entrance, too. i think if my mum were given the chance, she'd be the person with the megaphone, shouting manifestos and all that. my dad agrees, and he says he would even campaign for her.

"all these bendera ni, mesti ada orang bujang ambik buat langsir ke, tablecloth ke. mesti ade punye lah!" -dad.

4. i saw a guy walking around with a i hate nu rave t-shirt yesterday. it looked like it could've been glow in the dark, which i think is pretty darn awesome, except that i saw him in the bright sun in the afternoon so i guess not? 

5. i am half-way through reading love in the time of cholera which i got at 20% off, which is a great addition to the fact that the writing style is absolutely genius.

6. leaving for thailand on friday. i'm excited! i need to get a few rolls of film for my lomo camera before then, though. my dad suggested we parasail, or surf, or bungee jump off a cliff. i think if my spm results (which is the malaysian equivalent to the british o-levels, btw) are the shit (and i mean that in the worse possible way, not in the way that depicts coolness some people seem to use nowadays) i think i'd probably opt for the third option. without the safety gear.  
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10 January 2008 @ 04:46 pm
vietnam was different. on the first day, the only english words i saw on the streets was fuck. it made smile because no matter where you were, people would always know swear words. it made me feel connected, somehow.

the streets were beautifully busy. it looked intriguing at night: dark corners and dark eyes and bright lights. 


and on the plane back home, i wrote a message to a stranger on a vomit bag. i slipped it on the compartment in front of me, together with the inflight magazine and framed the paper bag with read me!